Is It Better to Bag or Mulch Your Grass Clippings When Mowing Your Lawn?

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Why Mulching Your Grass Clippings is Better Than Bagging Them

Throughout the year, your lawn in Woodstock, Roswell or Alpharetta will need to be mowed regularly to keep it neat and manicured. However, you may wonder if it's better to bag or mulch your grass clipping when mowing your lawn. The answer is that mulching the clippings is better for your lawn.

That's because when you mulch the clippings, they will eventually break down and return nutrients to your soil. One of the most common misconceptions about mulching grass clippings is that it causes a thatch build-up problem. This isn't true because the clippings are mostly water and decompose very quickly.

Although bagging the clippings will leave your lawn looking pristine, it will not provide the benefits of mulching. Continue reading to find out why mulching your grass clippings is better than bagging them.

Mulching grass clippings provide more nutrients to your soil

When it comes time to mow your lawn, you'll need to decide how you will deal with the clipping. You have two choices: mulch them or bag them. To put it simply, mulching the grass clippings is the best option. That's because the grass clippings are full of nutrients, and as they decompose, they will return the nutrients to your soil. These nutrients will help your lawn grow strong roots, resists diseases, and give your grass that beautiful green color.

Grass clippings are full of nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium!

Will mulching grass clippings cause a thatch build-up problem?

Thatch is a natural debris layer between the soil surface and the grass. It can damage your lawn by preventing essential nutrients and resources from reaching the roots.

However, while it is a common misconception that mulching your grass clippings causes a thatch build-up problem, it doesn't! That's because grass clippings are mostly water and can decompose very quickly. Longer clippings may take longer to decompose, but they still do not accumulate and do not significantly contribute to any thatch build-up issues for your lawn.

The shorter the grass clippings are, the quicker they can decompose!

Bagging grass clippings help keep your lawn pristine, but it doesn't provide the benefits that mulching does.

If you want your lawn to be as pristine-looking as possible after mowing, you can bag all of your grass clippings while you are mowing. While this may be temporarily the more aesthetically pleasing option, your lawn won't be able to reap the nutritional benefits of the clippings. So, while you can bag the grass clippings if you really want to, mulching them will be better for your lawn in the long run!

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