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Should You Leave Plugs on the Ground After Aerating?

When it comes to lawn aeration, one of the most common questions homeowners ask is whether or not to leave the soil plugs on the ground after the process. The straightforward answer is a resounding yes. These extracted soil plugs play a pivotal role in the ongoing health and vitality of your lawn.

By allowing them to decompose naturally on the surface, they contribute significantly to the nutrient cycle essential for robust grass growth.

Core Aeration Process

The process of aeration involves creating small holes in your lawn to facilitate air, water, and nutrient penetration to the grass roots. This is crucial for alleviating soil compaction, a common issue that impedes the growth of a healthy lawn. The holes left by removing the plugs enhance the soil's drainage capabilities and encourage deeper, stronger root growth. This, in turn, equips your lawn to be more resilient against drought and other stresses.

Moreover, the soil plugs themselves are rich in organic matter. As they break down, they release valuable nutrients back into the soil, which acts as a natural fertilizer for your grass. This nutrient recycling process is a key benefit of aeration, promoting a lush, green lawn without the need for additional chemical fertilizers.

Benefits of Aeration

To maximize the benefits of aeration and the decomposition of the soil plugs, it's vital to keep your lawn adequately watered. Moisture is a critical element in speeding up the breakdown of these plugs. A well-watered lawn ensures that the plugs decompose effectively, enriching the soil with nutrients and improving the overall health of your lawn.


In summary, not only is it beneficial to leave the soil plugs on the ground after aerating, but it is also essential for leveraging the full advantages of the aeration process. These plugs contribute to a healthier, more resilient lawn by improving soil structure, enhancing nutrient availability, and promoting robust root growth.

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