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The elements you choose for landscaping can completely transform the overall look and feel of your property. One major point of consideration when thinking about landscaping design is ground cover for your landscaping beds. You may often see mulch or pine straw as ground cover, but rock is a popular ground cover alternative.

Rock ground cover can add texture, color, and shape to your landscaping beds, in addition to serving the same purpose any ground cover provides—protecting the roots of plants and keeping soil insulated. Learn some of the most popular rock types for ground cover in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta and nearby areas of Georgia.

River rock provides a splash of color

River rock is an incredibly popular medium for ground cover, in part due to the natural variety of colors. River rocks are generally much larger than pea gravel and are very smooth to the touch. White, black, gray, and shades of brown are common, but you can also find mixed-color blends, and even greens and blues.

River rock is mid-range in terms of price and doesn't need as frequent re-application as other ground covers.

Lava rock is a study in texture

Lava rock is exactly as the name suggests—it is actually volcanic rock. Most lava rock that's meant for ground cover has been broken into smaller pieces, but regardless of the size you'll note jagged, porous rocks that offer a unique texture.

These rocks range from a brick-red color to jet-black, which can create a great contrast for the greenery that's typical in north Georgia properties. In terms of cost, lava rock is on par with pea gravel, but the aesthetic results will be dramatically different.

Pea gravel is versatile and economical

Pea gravel is similar to river rock in that the edges have all been worn smooth, but pea gravel is much smaller in size and sometimes labeled as 'pebbles'. This type of ground cover works well in small and large spaces, though your color options are generally not as broad as with river rock.

Pebble cover is often in muted shades of brown and requires precise edging to keep the small rocks from spilling past their boundaries. Pea gravel is a solid economical choice that can work in a huge variety of applications, including residential, commercial, and HOA properties.

Decomposed granite creates uniform color and texture

Granite is another versatile stone type that works for homes and businesses. Granite is usually gathered from quarries in large pieces, but as granite is processed, smaller pieces break off, creating what is known as decomposed granite.

These small rocks have irregular edges and come in a variety of colors, though usually not mixed, which can help you achieve a uniform color in your landscape bed. It is another cost-effective option.

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