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Professional Core Aeration in Marietta, GA

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How Do We Aerate Your Lawn?

At O'Neill Landscape Group, we perform core aeration for our clients because it creates the best result for lawns in our area. When you sign up for our core aeration service, one of our lawn care professionals will visit your property and aerate it using a high-caliber core aerator machine. This machine removes thousands of small soil plugs, or cores, from your turf so that key resources such as water, sunlight, and nutrients can reach the roots of your grass and spur healthy growth.

When Do We Offer Core Aeration?

We offer our core aeration service in the spring and fall, but the time of year you schedule your service depends on the type of grass you have. If you have a warm-season turf type such as bermudagrass or zoysia grass, then you should schedule our core aeration service in the spring between March and May. If you have a cool-season turf type such as tall fescue, then you should schedule our core aeration service in the fall between September and November. We only want to aerate your grass during its peak growing season so that it reaps the maximum benefits.

What to Expect


Initial Consultation




Schedule The Job


Work Begins


Final Walkthrough & Follow Up

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Initial Consultation

Where We Begin

The initial consultation is the first step in our process, where we meet with the client to discuss their vision and requirements for the landscape or hardscape project. This session is crucial for understanding the client's needs, preferences, and budget. It allows us to create a tailored plan that aligns with their expectations and sets the foundation for the project's successful execution.


Dreaming Up The Details

At this stage, we calculating the projected costs for the landscape or hardscape project. This involves a detailed assessment of the necessary materials, labor, design, and any additional requirements, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate financial outline that aligns with the project's scope and client's budget.

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Schedule The Job

On The Calendar

Next, we organize and plan out the timeline for the landscape or hardscape project, ensuring that each phase of the transformation process is efficiently executed within the agreed time frame, and with attention to detail and quality

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Work Begins

The Fun Part

Then, It's time to get dirty. Here, we begin the transformation of your outdoor space into a beautifully designed and practical environment tailored to your preferences and needs.

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Final Walkthrough & Follow Up

Quality Control

After the installation is complete, a final walkthrough allows the client to inspect the finished work and ensure that it meets their expectations. Any necessary adjustments or touch-ups can be identified during this walkthrough. Additionally, a follow-up is conducted shortly after the project's completion to address any concerns or questions the client may have and to provide guidance on maintenance and care for the newly installed landscape or hardscape features.