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Lawn Seeding

When you are prepared to start fresh with a new lawn, it is crucial to remember that not all grass seeds are the same. We will assist you in choosing the appropriate seed variety tailored to your climate, soil, and turf needs. We will then prepare the soil, sow the seeds, and fertilize according to industry standards. Before departing, we will guide you on watering your new lawn.

When Do We Offer Overseeding Service?

We offer our overseeding service annually in the fall between September and November. This is the ideal timeframe to overseed because it is the peak growing season for fescue grass. The cooler temperatures that settle in during the fall are highly conducive to seedling development and help ensure a positive outcome for your lawn. By the time winter rolls around, your turf should be free of bare spots and far thicker than in the preceding months.

Overseeding Service Available as Addition to Core Aeration Service

We only offer overseeding as an add-on to our core aeration service. These two services pair perfectly and help your lawn become all that it can be. Core aeration loosens compacted soil so that critical resources like water, sunlight, and nutrients can reach the roots of your grass and power healthy growth. Core aeration involves extracting small cores of soil from your lawn and leaves thousands of tiny holes in your grass. These channels create an ideal environment for new seeds to grow. When your lawn is aerated before it's overseeded, you will experience top-notch results.

Starter Fertilizer Included With Overseeding Service

We don't want to leave anything to chance when you sign up for our overseeding service. That's why we include an application of starter fertilizer with our visit. Once we have overseeded your lawn, we will deliver a dose of nutrient-rich fertilizer to catalyze new growth. This application will help your new seeds develop efficiently into thick, durable, green grass blades. Think of our fertilizer as a way to jump-start your lawn's success.

Eliminate Patchy Grass With Overseeding Service Today

Are you tired of looking at your bare or patchy lawn? You can say goodbye to subpar turf when you sign up for our overseeding service!

Overseeding is a crucial lawn care service that our team at O'Neill Landscape Group provides to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in northern Georgia. We offer this service in the fall in conjunction with our core aeration service and utilize premium fescue grass seeds. Our overseeding service will help thicken your lawn and eliminate spots that are bare or patchy. We also include an application of starter fertilizer to help guarantee the best results for your property. If you live or own a business in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, or a surrounding area in Georgia, then call us today at (770) 343-5874 to get on the schedule!