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We Install Pine Straw at Residential, Commercial, and HOA Properties.

We install premium, long-needle pine straw at residential, commercial, and HOA properties by following a time-tested installation process that ensures the best results. Our team performs one-time installations and offers ongoing pine straw replenishment, which should ideally occur twice per year.

Pine Straw Replenishment

After we have installed pine straw once at your property, we can return in the future to provide ongoing replenishment. Pine straw is an eye-catching ground cover; however, it does deteriorate over time as it's exposed to the elements. Ideally, the pine straw in your landscape beds should be replenished twice per year.

Our Pine Straw Installation Process

Our team understands that installing pine straw at your home or business is a serious matter. When done properly, pine straw elevates the appearance of your landscape beds and benefits the health of your plants. To ensure the best results, our team adheres to a strict installation process when laying pine straw at your property.

We only install premium, long-needle pine straw for our valued clients!

The first step in our process entails removing the existing ground cover if there is one. Then, we remove weeds and other debris from your landscape beds to create a completely clean slate of soil. Weeds not only sully the appearance of your landscape beds, but they also compete with your plants for nutrients.

Once we have prepared the ground, we install pine straw evenly across your landscape beds. Our team makes sure to install the perfect amount of pine straw so that it is not too thick or thin in any one area. Applying pine straw at the correct thickness level maximizes its aesthetic impact and allows your landscape beds to reap all the benefits of a ground cover, including:

  • Soil temperature regulation
  • Soil moisture retention
  • Weed Prevention

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Are you ready to install pine straw in your landscape beds? If so, then our team can take care of that for you. We provide our pine straw installation service to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, and nearby cities in Georgia. Call us today at (770) 738-9780 to schedule our pine straw installation service!