Sod Installation in Acworth, GA

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Residential & Commercial Sod Installation 

Instead of haphazardly laying sod and crossing our fingers for success, we have perfected a meticulous sod installation process to ensure optimal results.

Our method begins with thorough weed spraying on your current lawn weeks before the sod is laid. After eliminating weeds, we carefully remove the existing lawn and prepare the soil for installation. Once the soil is ready, we expertly lay down the chosen sod type.

Finally, we use a lawn roller to create a smooth, uniform finish on your new grass. Choose from a variety of sod options including Zoysia, Bermuda, Fescue, Centipede, and St. Augustine for your residential or commercial property.

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Benefits of Sodding a Yard

While some property owners may be deterred by the cost of sod installation, it is a quick and seamless way to repair a damaged lawn. Consider the following benefits of sod installation:

  • It's fast-acting: Unlike with seeding services, sod installation services grant you a lush, green lawn instantly. You don't have to wait weeks to start seeing results. When you opt for sod installation, you won't have to worry about unattractive bare spots in the initial stages.
  • It creates an easy maintenance schedule: Sod doesn't need to be watered as frequently in its early stages as seeded areas do.
  • It prevents soil erosion: Because sod is fully mature, it does a great job of holding your yard's soil in place and preventing erosion.

Sod is a seamless way to establish a new lawn or repair a damaged area of your current lawn. As long as you stay on top of your lawn care routine, it should last for years.

We Install Sod in Acworth the Right Way

Are you looking to have sod installed in Acworth? Look no further! O'Neill Landscape Group is here to provide top-notch sod installation services. With our expertise and attention to detail, we ensure that your sod is installed the right way, giving you a beautiful and lush lawn in no time. Trust us to transform your outdoor space with our professional sod installation services in Acworth.