Every outdoor landscape design is different than the one before. Regardless of size, every property has a unique layout that can be enhanced upon with the addition of certain softscape and hardscape elements.

That's why our landscape design and installs at O'Neill Landscape Group are second to none! We survey your property to see how we can bring out the best features of your property. Our team is with you 100% of the way from start to finish to create an outdoor area you'll never get tired of seeing.

Check out our latest design project below to see what we can do for your property in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, and nearby north Georgia areas.

2-D custom landscape designs help to guide the project from start to finish.

Landscape design proposal for a Marietta, GA property.

It's important that we always meet with our clients first to get a lay of the land before we go through with any other landscape design process. It helps us assess the area for problems so we can come up with effective solutions that still fit your design budget.

We realized some light grading was necessary for this landscape renovation project to include a dry creek bed to help with backyard drainage. There was even enough room to install a custom paver patio!

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Dry creek beds are a natural way to redirect water away from a property or landscape.

Dry creek bed landscape design installation at a property in Marietta, GA.

Landscape areas that experience frequent flooding may require a drainage system to avoid property and landscape damage. Lawns submerged in a pool of water for an extended period of time can die from a lack of oxygen. Even if the grass survives, sediment buildup can cause fungal diseases and increase moss and weed growth.

Various drainage systems can fix this problem, but dry creek beds are a personal favorite for many property owners. Dry creek beds are a natural drainage system option that beautifully matches with any landscape design. These are typically installed on a sloped angle to create a riverbed-like effect, so water flows seamlessly through your yard.

For this landscaping project, we went with a tan river rock that blends in cleanly with the rest of the surrounding landscape foliage.

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Fresh softscapes bring the property to life and create dimension within the landscape!

Softscape plantings and a dry creek bed installation in Marietta, GA.

No landscape installation project is complete without new softscapes! At O'Neill Landscape Group, we like to use only the highest-quality plants and shrubs to decorate your property.

We handpick softscapes that we know can survive in Georgia's hardiness zone to minimize the resources and maintenance needed to nurture their growth. Here are just a handful of the plants we selected to compliment the rest of the landscape design:

  • Crapemyrtle
  • Lambs ear
  • Knockout roses
  • Azalea
  • Cypress Gold-Thread
  • Juniper
  • Camellia
  • Hydrangea

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Outdoor entertainment is more comfortable with a custom patio!

Adding a custom patio isn't only a good return on investment towards your property; it makes every outdoor event ten times more enjoyable! A backyard area with a fire pit or outdoor kitchen sets the ambiance for any party or family gathering.

Besides the stylistic enhancement they bring to your landscape, custom patios are low maintenance and, depending on the building material used, only need to be deep-cleaned every 3-5 years.

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View Photos of the Dry Creek Bed Landscape Design Project in Marietta, GA

Our landscape design and install experience make O'Neill Landscape Group the perfect choice for your next project!

At O'Neill Landscape Group, landscape design and install is our specialty. After all, a company run by two people with degrees in landscape architecture is always going to know a thing-or-two more than the average landscape design business!

We take pride in creating landscape designs that match our clients' needs and bring out the best features of their property—all within their budget! Our team services residential, commercial, and HOA properties throughout cities in north Georgia, including Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, and more.

Don't hesitate to call us at (770) 627-5012 to see how we can help create your next outdoor project.

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