Yard Cleanup Services in Milton

Spring Yard Cleanup

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Professional Yard Cleanup Services in Milton

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Lawn Mowing, Landscape Bed Reshaping, and Debris Removal

We typically perform spring cleanups for your Milton property every February. This way, your lawn and landscape will adequately prepare for the growing season. Regarding a fall cleanup, you can expect a visit from us between late October and the end of December. This timing allows us to clear your lawn and landscape of natural debris before fall turns to winter. If you allow natural debris to rest on your grass throughout the winter, your lawn may be smothered, accumulate fungus, or invite unwanted pests like voles.

During every spring and fall cleanup, we will perform the following services for your property:

  • Lawn mowing: We adhere to the one-third mowing rule and never cut your grass too short. We always consider your grass's type and current condition when determining how to keep it best manicured.
  • Landscape bed reshaping: Untidy landscape beds can reduce your property's curb appeal. To restore their condition, we can perform services like weed removal and mulch installation.
  • Debris removal: We will remove landscaping debris from your yard including sticks, twigs, and acorns.

Fall Leaf Removal Service

If your Milton yard requires leaf removal services, our landscaping company can help. Leaves shouldn't be left to sit on your lawn, as they can prevent it from getting the nutrients, water, and sunlight it needs to grow. Plus, unsightly piles of leaves can diminish your property's aesthetic appeal.

When our team arrives at your property, they will either blow leaves into a tarp, mulch them with a mower, or suck them up with a mower. We will also blow leaves out of your landscape beds. We typically perform leaf removal services once a year after most of the leaves in the northern Georgia area have fallen. Still, we can visit your property anytime during the fall.

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We Clean Up Front and Backyards

Our dedicated team of landscape professionals is trained to tackle any mess and transform your outdoor spaces into pristine havens. Whether it's removing debris, mowing the lawn, or trimming hedges, we take care of every aspect of yard maintenance. With our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, you can trust us to leave your front and backyard looking immaculate. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning up your outdoor spaces and let us handle the dirty work for you.

Does Your Lawn Need Cleanup or Leaf Removal?

We offer fall and spring cleanups for our clients to keep their landscapes in pristine condition year-round. Our team can also perform one-time cleanups for distressed, overgrown, or otherwise neglected properties. You will receive lawn mowing, landscape bed reshaping, and debris removal services with every yard cleanup. During the fall, you can also opt for separate leaf removal services to protect the health of your lawn and preserve the aesthetic appeal of your property's exterior.

Our yard cleanup services are available to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Alpharetta, Roswell, and Woodstock, as well as nearby Georgia areas in Cherokee County, Fulton County, and Cobb County.

If your lawn and landscaping require yard cleanup or leaf removal services, we can help. We attend every scheduled visit and work efficiently to get your yard into pristine condition. Call us today at (770) 738-9772 so our company can service your residential, HOA, or commercial yard in Alpharetta, Woodstock, Roswell, and other Georgia cities in Cobb County, Cherokee County, and Fulton County.