Commercial Landscape Renovation in Sandy Springs, GA

We Started With a Landscape Design Consultation

Our clients in Sandy Springs, GA contacted us to help them with a commercial landscape renovation project. They owned a large commercial building that was beautiful, but the landscaping that surrounded it was overgrown, unkempt, and in serious need of attention. When they finally decided that it was time to bring their property back to life, they picked up the phone and gave us a call.

Before we got started with the project, we sat down with our clients to listen to their goals and come up with solutions that would work. We decided that we would need to clean up their landscape beds to remove debris and get rid of overgrown and unsightly grass and plants. Then, we would add a variety of plants to increase their curb appeal. And finally, we would replenish the soil and fill them with pine straw to give them a nice clean look as well as provide the plants with additional health benefits. They also wanted to refresh the lawn that ran along the road at the entrance of their property, so we came up with a plan to tackle that issue as well.

The first step we take in any of our projects is to sit down with our clients for a consultation. We met with the owners of this property and asked them exactly what they wanted to accomplish with their new landscape design. After we had the answers, we created a design rendering that showed our clients what their new landscape would look like once the project was completed. After they saw the design and were happy with it, we were able to get started.

Our first step was to clear the landscape beds.

Our team actively clearing landscape beds in front of our client's commercial property in Sandy Springs, GA.

When we first arrived at this commercial property, their landscape beds were filled with overgrown grass and their raised garden beds had plants and trees that were overgrown and unkempt. We removed all of the grass from the landscape beds and tidied up the raised garden beds. This gave us plenty of room to work with to start adding plants.

We Filled the Landscape & Garden Beds with Beautiful Plants

Beautiful green plants newly added to fresh soil in front our client's commercial property in Sandy Springs, GA.

After we cleared the landscape and garden beds, it was time to add some plants to them. With this property being so large, it provided us with a great opportunity to plant many different types of plants. We filled the landscape beds with a variety of plants including hydrangeas, junipers, red chokeberries, and much more that really brought these beds to life. Additionally, we filled the raised garden beds with small trees that truly made them stand out.

We Replenished the Soil & Added Pine Straw

Large landscape bed topped with fresh pine straw in front of our client's commercial property in Sandy Springs, GA.

To ensure that the plants would stay healthy, we added fresh soil to the landscape and raised garden beds. This soil provided essential nutrients to the plants to help them grow strong. After the soil was down, we added pine straw as the final touch. This not only increased the property's curb appeal but also provided the plants with additional benefits including temperature regulation, weed control, and more.

We Also Renovated the Front Landscaping

Large landscape bed topped with fresh pine straw in front of our client's commercial property in Sandy Springs, GA.

This property had a large grass area along the road at the entrance of their parking lot. Because this area would be the first thing that people would notice when coming to the property, it was important to our clients that it gave off a great first impression. We followed similar steps that we did with the landscape beds when renovating this area. We cleared the land, planted new plants, and added soil and pine straw to have it looking its best. The main difference between this part of the project and the rest of the landscaping project was how many plants we planted. The front area was so big that we had to plant over 1,000 plants to fill up the entire area.

Our expert designers know how to plant different plants next to each other to ensure that they look great and can thrive next to each other