Pergola & Retaining Wall Installation in Marietta, GA

The Sorensen's backyard had a great patio with room for dining and lounging, but there was just one problem. The patio received too much of the summer sun and didn't offer any privacy from their neighbors. They wanted to add some sort of covering to limit the amount of sun exposure but not get rid of it completely. Our design team suggested that a pergola would be perfect for their needs.

In addition to the need for sun protection and privacy, the Sorensen's also needed to solve their soil erosion issue. Their home is situated on a hill, meaning that the frequent rainfall in Marietta was quickly eroding their soil and they needed a way to stop it. A retaining wall not only helped slow soil erosion, but it also added a great design aspect that added property value.

Below, we go into more details about how we solved the Sorensen's problems with a beautiful pergola and retaining wall. Continue reading to learn more about the design and installation process and maybe even gather some ideas for your own home or business!

Installing the Low-Maintenance Pergola

A newly built white pergola built over a patio in the Sorensen Family backyard.

A pergola was the perfect addition to our client's backyard. It solved their concerns about sun exposure and privacy while also adding an eye-catching design to their property. Pergolas are coverings that don't have a full-coverage roof. There are slots where the sun can still peek through and brighten up the area. However, it also offers great shade and comfort. Now, the Sorensen's can enjoy their patio without feeling the extreme summer heat.

When picking out the material for the pergola, our clients expressed that they wanted the most low-maintenance option possible while not having to sacrifice the appearance. That is why our design team suggested aluminum. Aluminum has a natural appearance of real wood without having to deal with issues such as future paint jobs, cracks, or warping. Another reason we suggested aluminum is because it is weather resistant and extremely durable, meaning they won't have to worry about the rain wearing down the outer coating.

The Retaining Wall Offers Both Design & Functionality

A freshly built retaining wall built by the Sorensen Family home.

While the pergola was being installed, our crew was also working on the Sorensen's new retaining wall. Since their home is situated on a hill, they had to figure out how to stop the soil erosion that was happening whenever it rained. Retaining walls can be built for both design and functionality, therefore it was the perfect solution for our clients.

This wall stretched along the side of their home, where the hill was most steep. We had to bring in big machinery to prepare the property for the installation. Then, once everything was set and prepped, our crew got to work on building the wall. We used concrete blocks for their extreme durability and low-maintenance features. Going forward, our clients don't need to do anything to take care of the retaining wall. If they ever want to clean it up, all it takes is a hose and some water! The Sorensen's were thrilled to have two new beautiful, low-maintenance hardscapes on their property.

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