Immaculate Front Yard Makeover in Woodstock, GA

We built a raised planter bed using a stacked stone retaining wall.

Having a large front yard allows for maximum creativity when creating a new landscape design. This is what we told our clients in Woodstock when they came to us and explained that they were ready for a complete lawn makeover. Their lawn contained irreversible damage that stunted grass growth and made it impossible for it ever to obtain that emerald green color that healthy lawns have. They were tired of trying different lawn treatments and frustrated with no results so we recommended an "instant lawn" as their solution. The term "instant lawn" refers to a sod installation in which rolls of grass are laid out on bare soil, eliminating the need to wait for the grass to grow on its own.

A stacked stone retaining wall under construction in front of a home in Woodstock, GA.

Georgia is a very hilly state and their home sat on a deep slope that made it difficult to house plants on the landscape. Our team decided we could fix that issue by building a raised planter bed out of a stacked stone retaining wall to hold the plants as well as stop soil erosion. We added contrasting black mulch throughout all of the landscape beds and installed new plants to add the finishing touches to their landscape.

The renovation process began with the construction of a raised planter bed out of stacked stone that also doubled as a retaining wall. We built this raised planter to solve the issues that arose from the fact that the property sat on a hill. The sloped foundation caused any plant that was planted in that area to have an uneven appearance which made the overall landscape look unbalanced and lacking in symmetry.

Using a stacked stone retaining wall gave plants an even place to grow and thrive. It also helped with soil erosion that occurs when heavy rainfall sets in that area. Before the renovation, the landscape bed was encompassed by a thin curbing of concrete blocks that did not provide the aesthetic look that our clients were looking for. The new stacked-stone raised planter bed made from gorgeous natural stone gave the entire landscape a more cohesive look.

The sod installation was the next step in the renovation process.

Freshly installed sod next to a newly built raised landscape bed in front of a home in Woodstock, GA.

Lawn grass is fragile and needs the right amount of care and attention to remain healthy and thriving. Unfortunately, the original grass was too far gone to bring it back to life. Our clients didn't want to have to wait a year or longer to see new grass growth using the overseeding method. Therefore, we proposed a sod installation instead.

First, we applied a weed and turf killer a few weeks before the renovation to kill off the existing lawn. Then, we raked trough the soil to prepare it for the laying of sod. Lastly, we laid the sod down and used a power roller to make sure the turf was even. Our clients were so happy to finally see fresh and healthy grass covering their landscape.

The last step included installing new plants and mulching the plant beds.

Completed retaining wall and sod installation at a home in Woodstock, GA.

There are a variety of colors that can be used for mulching but our clients' property had black shutters on the front of their home so we collaboratively decided that black mulch would complement their home best. As far as plants go, simplicity seemed like the best option for this property so we filled the raised planter bed with radiant green grasses. Then we tied the landscape together with a deep layer of rich, black mulch to surround the plants.

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A landscape renovation can seem a little overwhelming when you're attempting to do it yourself but our team at O'Neill Landscape Group guided our clients every step of the way. They were thrilled to step out onto a brand new landscape that embodied everything they were looking for. Let us do the same for you! If you have a property in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, or a nearby city in GA, call us at (770) 738-9677 to schedule a consultation today!