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Pine Straw & Mulch Installation in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, & Nearby Areas

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Mulch and pine straw installation in Woodstock, Alpharetta, Roswell, and nearby Georgia areas.

Keep your landscape beds protected with our high-quality mulch and pine straw installation services.

Since 2008, our crews have been trained in industry-leading practices for mulch and pine straw installation. Our company prides itself on offering the best mulch and long-needle pine straw around so your landscape beds stay protected.

We are a provider of high-quality mulching and pine straw services in the Atlanta metro area, including cities such as Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, and more.

Mulch and pine straw benefit your landscape beds in many ways.

Landscaping with topped with mulch at a commercial property in Roswell, GA.

One of the most obvious reasons to add mulch to your landscaping is for the overall aesthetics. Pine straw and mulch give your landscape a polished, finished look after plants have been installed. Mulch, however, also has other benefits for your plants, which include:

  • Mulch prevents soil erosion. In our area of Georgia, we often get a lot of rain. When that water runs down sloped areas of our properties, it can erode away the soil from landscape beds. A proper layer of mulch helps to prevent that from happening.
  • Pine straw and mulch keep roots and soil insulated from temperature changes. In late winter and early spring, we may encounter a late frost that could damage plants if they aren't adequately protected. Mulch or pine straw can keep those plant roots insulated so the plant stays warmer.
  • Ground cover stops moisture from evaporating. During the summers, it gets hot quickly and the sun beats down on planting beds. Without proper ground cover, the sun may end up evaporating away much-needed moisture before the plants can absorb it.

When should pine straw and mulch ground cover be replenished?

So your landscape plants and shrubs can get the maximum benefits from ground cover, it's vital to keep the proper amount in your planting beds. Mulch should always be replenished yearly, as you generally need a layer of 2-3" in landscaping. Throughout the year, the organic matter will break down and will need to be replaced.

While mulch should be refreshed once a year, it's important to remember that premium long-needle pine straw will need to be replaced twice a year.

Our ground cover installation teams will set up a schedule with you so you know when we will be coming to refresh your pine straw and mulch.

Popular mulches in Woodstock include pine bark, hardwood mulch, and more.

Mulch and rock installed on a landscape bed by a home in Alpharetta, GA.

Throughout the Woodstock area, there are several different types of popular mulches. The landscape crews at O'Neill Landscape Group can install most types of mulches depending on customer preferences, but most often we get requests for:

  • Dyed hardwood mulch that is red, black, or brown
  • Playground mulch
  • Pine bark
  • Shredded pine bark

Need mulch or premium long-needle pine straw added to your local landscape beds? Contact our team today.

We work with local residential, commercial, and HOA clients across Cherokee County, as well as parts of Cobb County and Fulton County. If you're located in or around areas like Roswell, Alpharetta, and Woodstock and need installation of mulch or long-needle pine straw in your landscape beds, give our company a call today at (770) 627-5012 to set up an estimate!

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