Summers in Georgia can be really hot, so spending a day in the pool is the perfect way to survive the heat. If you're looking to take your swimming pool experience to the next level, you can add these 3 amazing features to your custom pool: a sun shelf, pool lighting, and a waterfall. These pool additions increase your property's aesthetics, increase pool safety, and make your pool more enjoyable to use. Adding these pool add-ons will undeniably give you the perfect summer getaway without having to leave your home! Learn more about these features and how they improve your custom pool.

1. Sun Shelf

A custom pool featuring a sun shelf and a hot tub built by our team in Woodstock, GA.

A pool is already a great feature to add to your home, but a sun shelf can take it to the next level. A sun shelf is a raised platform within your pool where you can place your lounge chairs and enjoy both the warm touch of the sun and the calm waters on your feet. Because this area is shallow, the sun shelf creates a safe space for young children and older people to enjoy. A sun shelf is also called a tanning ledge as it provides a fixed area for tanning and sunbathing.

Aside from their incredible functionality, sun shelves are a game-changer for your property's curb appeal and value. There is an array of design possibilities with sun shelves. You can use a different color to make it stand out and add more features like umbrella stands and tables to place your drink while you enjoy the sun.

2. Pool Lighting

Round pool lights installed onto the walls of a custom pool in Acworth, GA.

An effective way to make your pool look more luxurious is to add lighting to it. If you want to light up the pool itself, it's best to do so during the pool installation. However, you can also add inground lights around your pool. Different lighting techniques are also helpful when planning to add pool lights. Because pools create excellent focal points, it's wise to illuminate your pool deck for a more intimate vibe during gatherings. Moonlighting is another lighting technique that will create a more natural look and brighten up a larger area around your pool.

Pool lighting increases safety when using your pool at night by illuminating the area around it and increasing the visibility under the water.

3. Waterfall

Three sheet waterfalls installed over a custom pool by a home in Marietta, GA.

A swimming pool waterfall is an excellent way to add life to your pool. Pools are already a great focal point, but adding a water feature improves the ambiance and adds interest to your pool design. There are different waterfall designs you can choose from, including:

  • Sheet waterfalls - Sheet waterfalls use a narrow spout installed on the walls around your pool, creating an elegant arc of a thin sheet of water.
  • Rock waterfalls - If you are looking for a more natural vibe for your pool, a rock waterfall is the perfect choice for you. Water can fall from a tall rock form, or it can slowly cascade on rocks that mimic a natural stream, producing a soothing sound that can turn your pool into a tropical oasis.
  • Rainfall curtain - Rainfall curtains involve rows of falling water that create the same effect as rain. Installing lights on the curtain fixture improves the aesthetics of this waterfall.

More waterfall designs are available on the market that will undeniably add spice to your already stunning pool. Aside from an enhanced appearance, waterfalls increase water circulation to help keep your pool clean.

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Swimming pools are already stunning features by themselves, but you can take them to the next level by adding features like sun shelves, lighting, and waterfalls. Our team at O'Neill Landscape Group offers custom pool design and construction so you can finally bring your vision to life. When you choose us to build your pool, you get to choose from gorgeous and durable materials for long-lasting beauty in your backyard.

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