As the summer approaches here in Georgia, you'll want to start spending more time outdoors. Since you and others will be outside more, you'll want to enhance the beauty of your property so that it is more aesthetically pleasing to look at. One great way to increase the beauty of your property is by enhancing your landscape beds! First, you should remove weeds from your landscape beds, as they drag down their appearance and will steal nutrients from your plants. Then, you can trim your shrubs and hedges to give them a neat and attractive look. But it doesn't stop there; you can also add mulch and flowers to your landscape beds. Mulch is a two-for-one deal: it benefits their health and adds to their beauty. Meanwhile, bright and beautiful perennials can be low-maintenance, colorful additions to your landscape beds. With these four tips, your beautiful, colorful landscape beds will become the talk of the town this summer!

1. Remove Weeds From Your Landscape Beds

Gloved professional pulling weed from landscape bed in Woodstock, GA.

Weeds are the main antagonist for your landscape beds; they drag down their appearance and steal nutrients from your plants. To ensure your landscape beds look their best and that weeds aren't stealing nutrients from your plants, you should remove any weeds in them. Depending on the types of weeds, you can either pull them by hand or spray them with an herbicide.

2. Trim Your Shrubs & Hedges

Professional trimming hedge in landscape bed in Acworth, GA.

Trimming your shrubs and hedges is a great way to enhance your landscape beds' curb appeal and give them a neat and attractive look. Routine trimming will ensure they aren't overgrown and become an eyesore on your property.

3. Add Mulch to Your Landscape Beds

Hardwood mulch added to landscape bed in Kennesaw, GA.

Mulch is a two-for-one deal: adding it will benefit the beauty and health of your landscape beds. Mulch can come in various colors, including red, brown, and black, to best complement your property and make your plants stand out. It also improves the health of your landscape beds by regulating your soil's temperature, retaining moisture, and controlling weeds. What's more, as it breaks down, it returns nutrients to the soil.

Some common mulches include hardwood, pine bark, pine straw, and shredded pine bark.

4. Plant Flowers in Your Landscape Beds

Black-eyed susans planted in landscape bed in Alpharetta, GA.

Flowers can be beautiful additions to your landscape beds with colorful, fragrant blooms that attract the likes of birds, butterflies, and bees. Planting bright perennial flowers will make your landscape beds pop and they require very little maintenance to keep them looking their best. Some common perennials that you can't go wrong with include:

  • Daylilies - Daylilies come in various colors, including orange, pink, red, white, yellow, and purple!
  • Shasta daisies - Shasta daisies have white petals and a yellow center but are thicker and larger than normal daisies.
  • Purple coneflowers - Purple coneflowers have droopy, narrow petals that are a lovely lavender color.
  • Black-eyed Susans - Black-eyed Susans can have orange, yellow, or red petals and have a black/dark brown center.

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