When Atlanta-area designer Anna Braund came to our company to help with the yard of her newly-restored downtown Roswell property, we were thrilled to assist. She chose the style for her house based on an old barn that was on the property, going with a rustic yet modern feel. The final product was shared in both Southern Living and Atlanta magazines due to the many ripples it made in the area. Taking the feel of her home into mind, we worked to install a beautiful lawn and patio that complemented the exterior well.

Check out some photos and learn more about how we at O'Neill Landscape Group contributed to finalizing this residential project in Roswell, GA.

Removing existing sod and prepping the soil for new sod installation.

O'Neill Landscape Group workers installing sod in Roswell, GA.

Whenever we install new sod, our teams follow a set procedure of many different steps. With more than a decade of experience, we've developed solid strategies for installing quality sod.

First, we sprayed to kill off any weeds. After that, the lawn care crew removed the existing lawn, leaving behind a fresh canvas of soil. We then made sure to even out the soil so the new lawn would be in pristine condition. Once we were certain the soil was prepared, we began to install the new sod.

Sod is a great choice because it establishes quickly.

By choosing sod over seed for her new lawn, Anna was able to quickly have a beautiful and established lawn for her new home. Sod rapidly establishes itself, whereas seeded lawns will take several months to completely grow in. New sod is also easy to maintain and will help aid in preventing erosion of the soil.

The custom flagstone patio and front walkway add a gorgeous touch to the property.

O'Neill Landscape Group workers installing flagstone patio in Roswell, GA.

Along with the full sod installation, we also designed a custom flagstone patio and a front walkway. These hardscape elements are made to have a natural touch as though they've always been part of the yard, which is why we used grass joints to allow grass to grow in between the stones. Their gorgeous new patio will help to provide hours of enjoyment in their new outdoor space.

Flagstone is a durable, beautiful material that will last for years to come.

Look at some more photos from this Roswell property's renovation.

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