Most homeowners take pride in their homes and properties. We know that lawn maintenance is key to keeping a manicured lawn, but what about the landscape? Landscape maintenance keeps your plants and trees in good health and can help your landscape thrive for years to come. Regular landscape maintenance should include spring cleanups, trimming throughout the year, late fall/early winter cleanups, and dormancy pruning. These services will keep your trees, shrubs, and other perennial plants maintained so that your landscape can prosper.

Spring Cleanups

Winter temperatures can be pretty stressful for your landscape. Professional spring cleanups are helpful because they allow your landscape to be assessed for any damage that winter may have caused. Spring cleanups will also keep your landscape maintained and prepare it for the upcoming growing season. Every service is different, but an inclusive spring cleanup should include the following maintenance:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Landscape bed reshaping
  • Debris removal from plants and trees

Trimming & Pruning Throughout the Year

Landscape pruning of ornamental tree near Milton, Georgia

Trimming and pruning will keep your trees, shrubs, and other plants maintained and healthy. Regular trimming can improve the aesthetic and shape of your plants by removing any loose or overhanging branches and any other debris. Pruning, on the other hand, will keep your plants healthy and strong by removing any diseased branches from your vegetation.

Trimming and pruning are not one-and-done services; they are recurring. To keep your landscape neat and healthy year-round, you will need to schedule these services often. We recommend that you have your property assessed from spring through fall so that your shrubs and hedges are maintained monthly to prevent unruly growth. Trimming and pruning services should extend to the following vegetation on your property:

  • Small trees
  • Shrubs
  • Hedges

Late Fall & Early Winter Cleanups

Lawn professional using leaf blower to blow leaves off of property near Alpharetta, Georgia

Fall cleanups will generally encompass the same services as cleanups that are done in spring. Companies like ours will still include lawn mowing, landscape bed reshaping, and debris removal. Cleanups during late fall and early winter can keep your landscape clear from debris. This is necessary so that your lawn and plants can continue receiving the vital nutrients they need to thrive.

Another important cleanup you should schedule in the fall is leaf removal. Falling leaves can be a festive sight at first. However, once the rain and cooler weather begin, leaves will trap moisture on the surface of your lawn. This can cause lawn diseases and mold to develop over time. To protect your lawn from these issues and more, you should have the fallen leaves professionally cleared off of your property.

During the fall, your trees and shrubs should also be monitored for any pruning and trimming needs as part of a fall cleanup service.

Dormancy Pruning

Although a general rule of thumb is that pruning should be done in spring, there are some exceptions. Some plants begin to bloom in the winter, so they will require different care. Mid-winter is the time to begin dormancy pruning for specific plants. This is done to keep your plants healthy and to prevent the spread of plant diseases. It's also the best way to encourage healthier growth in the spring for plants that may be experiencing issues. Here are some shrubs in Georgia that need pruning in winter:

  • Butterfly bush
  • Crepe myrtles
  • Potentilla

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