Tying Your Landscape Together – The Benefits Of A Great Garden Path!

The humble garden path is often overlooked in modern landscape design. Many landscape designers focus on flashier design elements – fancy patios, pergolas, water features, and other such features.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course – and we love all of those things at O’Neill Landscape Group. But in our humble opinion, the benefits of a great garden path shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are just a few of the benefits of a great garden path!

  1. Preserves Your Landscape

This is, perhaps, the most important benefit of a garden path. Your landscaping is delicate. You don’t want people treading on flowerbeds or compacting your soil – but this can be unavoidable if you don’t have a garden path leading from “point A” to “point B”.

Guests and family members will find their own path – and that could lead to the destruction of your precious landscaping. Garden paths, on the other hand, allow guests to get around your landscaping quickly – and avoid treading on your precious plants.

  1. Adds Visual Interest To Your Landscaping

A great garden path can really help your landscaping “pop.” For example, if you have large, colorful flowerbeds and a white pergola in your backyard, a garden path built out of a light, color-flecked stone can help bring together different design elements – leading to a more beautiful, satisfying landscape!

  1. Helps Create Different “Landscape Spaces”

A great garden path can work as landscape “punctuation”. For example, you can have a path leading from a patio to a sitting area that has totally different flowers and plants – and then have it continue to a water feature, where you can utilize water-based plants and create yet another unique space in your landscaping.

A garden path allows you to tie all of these spaces together, and provide a great way for visitors to enjoy your unique landscaping.

  1. Huge Variety Of Materials And Styles Available

Garden paths can be made of just about anything. From gravel, to flagstones, pavers, concrete, rustic reclaimed stone, wooden slats, and more – even mulch can be used for a low-cost, attractive garden path!

Because of this, you’ll always be able to find a garden path material that’s perfect for your garden and landscaping. Whether you have a rustic backyard full of hardy shrubs, or a beautiful garden chock-full of perennials and flowers, there’s a garden path that’ll be perfect for you!

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